Job Interview, Lesson 2

interview2Hello! First, we want to review your CV and see if we should improve it.

Secondly, we want to revise and practise answering some questions from the previous class( Tell me about yourself,  What do you consider your greatest strenghts and weaknesses? Why should we hire you? Why do you want the job?)

2. Secondly, we work with some more questions, working out the best answers for you, personally.

This is a short vid for you to watch as a hometask. The first video is on resume writing

Job Interview, Lesson 1

job interviewOur plan for the 1st class

  1. Some tips on the Interview. We’ll watch a short vid. This one is for your hometask

2. The four main questions at the interview.

3. Practice on the four questions.

The hometask: watch the vid on the link above.

Flash Cards

  1. Эта программа позволяет загружать карточки, созданные в Google Docks.
  2. Еще одна похожая программа. под названием QUIZLET. Для нее я тоже выложил ссылки на те же самые словарные листы для глав 5B, 5C.

Устанавливайте, загружайте, учите слова!

English File Elementary Unit 5B and 5C

mich best

Hello! This is the link to the vocabulary spreadsheet of unit 5B and 5C. Upload them in your telephones.

Links for QUIZLET, Unit 5B

Unit 5C

Straight Intermediate Modules 2 and 3

Hello! Since now and on,all the links to the vocabulary spreadsheets will be placed into the «Straight Intermediate» option of the main menu. It has a password, but you will easily guess it if you look at the picture down under the text (type it in one word, lowcase).



Attention to the Friday- Sunday group!  No class on Sunday, May 8. Our next class is on Friday, May 6. The hometask for Friday, May 6: 1. Test 2:  2. Student’s book,p.25, the words to learn. 3.Student’s book p.27 the text to read. 4. Workbook, Unit 2D and Reading 2.