Elena M. March 10, 2014


coral11. The parts of the soul. Part 2.


2. The harmony of the soul.


3. A secret life of a coral reef. BBS, time-lapse video


Elena M. January 19

  1. Your composition.
  2. Revision: -ing/ed adjectives. Murphy Unit 97.
  3. Monopoly (for the link see the previous class).
  4. On the parts of the soul. Prof. Gendler’s lecture


Hometask: Listen the lecture up to approx. 10min. The task is to understand and explain the essence of Plato’s and Hume’s idea of the tripartite soul.

Elena M. December 29, 2013

1. Grammar: -ing/-ed adjectives
2. Episode 9, Makeover ( a leftover from the previous class)
3. Plato (from Professor Gendler’s lecture). For the link see the previous class.
4. For your homework. Watching with the script. Episode 15 from Series 7. Monopoly.

Elena M. December 21

  1. An episode for watching with a script (in this one,  captions) “What kind of math?”


  1. The 2nd lecture from Yale (Plato). The task is to understand and retell the biography of Plato (up to 7:27).


  1. If you have the time to watch it, there’s another episode from Australianetwork (Makeover. Episode 9)



Elena M. December 14th

  1. We’ll revise the previous episode (The mountain bike ride),
  2. The new episode with the script will be “The Bush dance”


3. We’ll check the hometask, which was to study an episode from a lecture on philosophy (the ring of Gyges).

For your next hometask, contunue with the lecture. You need to study the episode with the trolley and five men on the rail (the same link).



Elena M. December 7, 2013

1. Your composition and the trip to Finland

2. How was the crabbing episode? We’re going to clear up possible problems.

3. A new episode from the EB series 9 (with the script)


4. For your homework you’ll have an episode without a script. It’s an introduction on a course of philosophy at an American university. Your task is to understand the story of the ring of Gyges (it starts approximately after the 11th min). What point does the lecturer make giving this story?



Elena M.November 23

  1. Your composition.
  2. Dialogues 1 and 2. and even dialogue3  http://australianetwork.com/businessenglish/stories/ep03.htm
  3. English Bites. Episode 3. Art market. Listening with readin. You’ve got the script. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUj9pjwSmLI#t=234
  4. English Bites. Episode 7. Series 8. Crabbing. You ha ven’t got the script. So, just watch and try to guess the meaning


The hometask is as usual: 1. You’ve got a topic for a composition, so write it in the week.

2. Watch the films above a few times and revise dialogues 1,2, 3.


Elena M. November 16, 2013

  1. We’ll discuss your composition
  2. We’ll revise Episodes 1 and 2.
  3. Australiaonline. Nexus. Episode one


4.Listening for gist (you won’t have the tapescript  for this). Sue Austin. Deep sea diving


The hometask: 1.  revise and watch the episodes again and again. 2. Write an essay (you’ll get a topick at the lesson) and write in the week