So many coffees! Julia IST

coffeeLet’s gain some Australian accent with these vids:


So many coffees!

Just going by

FESTO, November, 12


  1. The Future Transportation Technologies

  1. Rosetta/BBC

3. Rosetta spacecraft mission


FESTO, September 10

1. A brave lecturer. Explaining how the potential energy of gravitation transforms into kinetic energy, the professor takes some risk facing 15 kg wrecking ball

2. The water crisis: catch at the Lifesraw!

More on the Lifestraw

3. A human-powered helicopter



Julia, September 4

A Ukrainian military vehicle is seen near Kramatorsk1. BBC on the Ukrainian conflict

2. Reuters on the crisis in Ukraine (an article)

3. SGG NEWS ‘What you haven’t been told…:

4. «Немецкий ролик» (с русским переводом). Осторожно! Ужасные картины  (трупы, в т.ч. дети)